I am an ultrarunner, wife, mom of two, military veteran, small business owner, physician assistant and ultrarunning coach. I have been a runner for twenty years and have been running ultra marathons for eleven of them. I have set course records and podiumed at a number of races of distances ranging from 50K up to a FKT of the 144 mile Double S.C.A.R. and recently on the Appalachian High Route ~345 miles. Finally, I have run the 2,194.1 miles of the Northbound Appalachian Trail in long weekend sections.
I am blessed to have experienced a great deal of success in my running endeavors, but also my fair share of failures, injuries, medical complications and chronic pain. I have overcome a few surgeries and extensive physical therapy in my continued search to heal and move/run well.  I have a special interest in mobility, functionality and anti-aging/ longevity.  I believe that the human body was made to move, and that through exploration and adaptation, we can all learn to move well.

About Me

Accomplishments & Top Performances

Algonquin 50K- 2nd Female
Four State Challenge FKT- 8hr 22 min 53 sec
Hellbender 100 mile- 1st Female

-FKT Appalachian High Route 6 days 1 hr 40 min
-Old Dominion- 1st F, 5th OA PR:19:36:40
-Promise Land 50k- 2nd Female
-Terrapin Mountain 50k- 1st Female
-Holiday Lake 50K- 8th Female
-Mountain Masochist 50 mile- 1st Female
-Hellgate 100K- DNF

-Completed the 2,194.1 mile Appalachian Trail- section running March 2021-July 2022
-Hellgate 100k- 9th Female
-Grindstone 100 mile run- 3rd Female

-Stone Mill 50 mile- 5th Female
-Tennessee Mile 40 hour- 1st Female ~102 miles

-Rise Up Virtual 100 mile- 20:46
-Standhope 60K- 9th Female
-Georgia Jewel 50 miler- 2nd OA/ 1st Female
-Double S.C.A.R supported female FKT

-GDR- 5th Female
-Maah Daah Hey 106 mile run- 2nd OA/ 2nd Female
-Waywayanda Wonhundred 100 mile run- 2nd OA/ 1st Female

-Georgia Jewel 100 miler- 1st overall, Female CR

-Georgia Jewel 35 mi- 9th OA/ 1st Female
-Cacapon 12hr race- 1st OA-  Female CR holder
-Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race- 1st OA
- Bull Run Run 50 - 1st Female
- Seneca Greenway 50K- 1st Female
- Super Bowl 8hr- 2nd Female
-Eternal Winter 6 hr-3rd Female

-Rosaryville Veteran's Day 50K- 1st Female
-Haulin' Aspen Trail Marathon- 2nd Female
-Seneca Greenway Trail Marathon- 1st Female

-Little Gunpowder 50K- 1st Female
-Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail- 2nd Female

-Pinhoti 100 miler- 9th Female 26:41

- Stone Mill 50 miler- 1st Female
-Bear 100- 5th Female 25:07
-Cheat Mountain 50- 1st Female
-Running with the Devil 12hrs- 1st Female
-Mason Dixon Longest Day 100K- 1st Female/ 1st OA
-Capon Valley 50k - 1st Female/ 3rd OA
-Labor of Love 50 mile - 1st Female/ 1st OA
-NJ Ultra trail fest 50k- 1st Female/ 1st OA
-Golden Gate Trail run 50K- 2nd Female

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